Duvdevan: Israel's Most Elite Counter Terrorist Unit Duvdevan, a SF (Special Forces) group within the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is considered the most elite CT (counter terrorist) unit in Israel. Formed in 1987, they work primarily undercover in urban Palestinian areas. Their specialty is infiltration and arrests, and capturing wanted militants. ...more
Weaver vs. Isosceles - The Debate Continues "Pistols are a trade off - trading range and accuracy for Portability and Concealability. The method of shooting - instinctive fire, most shooting is based on methods used in target shooting - steering at the front sight. Close range gun fighting is a world away from target shooting." ...more
The Dubious Quick Kill - Part I The enemy before you consistently carries his guard a bit high. Is it carelessness, or is he baiting you? You effect a small step backward and, just as you had hoped, your opponent attempts to close the measure. His leading foot begins to lift from the ground when, with the speed of a ...more
Duvdevan: WR Mann
Weaver vs. Isosceles - The Debate Continues
The Dubious Quick Kill - Part I