How TV Affects Our Survival Skills Ever notice that at some point in almost every horror movie there's a point where a woman is being chased by some psycho killer and inevitably the helpless female trips and falls and twists her ankle!! There could be five guys running with her, away from the same psycho killer, yet it's always the female that trips and falls. Then, some guy comes to ...more
Unconsciousness and Death Recently, I read an article on surviving an edged weapon attack, where the writer spoke specific to knife wounds, as they related to unconsciousness and death, which I found quite troublesome given the fact that his numbers just did not reflect the empirical experience/data that I have ...more
"I Survived" by Killing my Assailant We have caught several episodes of the BIO Channel show I Survived. The television show is done in interview format with the actual survivors telling their stories. Each episode seems to contain three individual stories. The three stories fall under three seperate categories: surviving a severe ...more
How TV Affects Our Survival Skills
Unconsciousness and Death
"I Survived" by Killing my Assailant