Spyderco Delica Wave

The most exciting knife reviews are undoubtedly exotics and fighting knives, however one of the most useful knives I have been using and traveling with on a daily basis is the Spyderco Delica "Wave" (serrated) model. I now recommend this knife to all my students as a "first knife." The knife is a super light 2.55 oz. and the overall length is 7" with a blade length of 2.9".

Unlike most reviews, I am not going to test the knife on wood, rope or food. The purpose of this knife for me is a backup knife for self-defense, or a main self-defense knife for a businessman. We are all familiar with this knife, we know the stats -- it's sharp.

Due to typical international travel restrictions on sharp objects, I either have to Fed-Ex the knife to my destination or check it in my luggage to have it available when I arrive in a foreign country.

Many of my students are either businessmen or LE so having a small unobtrusive knife "ready to go" at a moments notice is exactly what is needed and this knife is tailor made for this purpose.

The original Delica is a good knife but due to the geometry of the opening "hole" I have always had inconsistent luck in opening it. But the "wave" version knife opens up like a dream, and with minimal practice. The "wave" feature is a small hook that if pressed against the end of a pocket allows the blade to swivel open.

The carry system is addressed via a 4-way clip (accessed via allen wrench) allowing for ambidextrous operations. For quick-draw applications I reversed the clip so the "wave" would be activated by the front side of my pocket, therefore I am opening the knife in reverse grip, with the blade facing outward. It's a much firmer and faster draw this way, drawing straight up instead of pulling your arm back. Whenever I drew the knife in front of someone they never realized it was already open just inches away from them.

Other than the "wave" feature the knife is an improved Delica. This knife was introduced in 1990 and Spyderco has continually improved the construction and parts. The metal is VG-10 stainless steel. The secure lock-back design is the same as before with the slight concave notch cut out on the top so it won't accidentally disengage when pressed securely. Surprisingly, the small clip also aids with grip.

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