LifePak Nano

I have been taking supplements nearly all my life – why, because science has proven that it’s extremely difficult to ingest all the necessary vitamins and minerals through a regular diet. Most foods are nutrient depleted from the source. Scientists already discovered this in the 1930s! Nowadays most foods contain added nutrients from the factory, but you can’t count on getting your daily nutrients from packaged foods.

I came across LifePak nano by accident and after a few months actually felt a positive difference. What impressed me was short BioPhotonic test I took which showed the antioxidant level in my skin,  after a 3-month period of taking LifePak nano my results went up by 35,000 units.

Here is the info:
LifePak nano provides an advanced nutritional foundation for a long and healthy life full of vitality and energy – and helps protect against conditions associated with nutritional deficienties and the normal aging process.

Their propretory formula protects DNA and cells, nourishes and protects the brain, bolsters the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, helps regulate blood sugar metabolism, protects eye health, helps build strong bones, promotes joint function and mobility, helps protect against the effects of sun radiation, and helps maintain healthy skin tone and elasticity.

Nanotechology helps makes nutrients more available to the body. LifePak nano has revolutionized nutrient absorption and found a way to apply nanotechnology principles to anti-aging nutrients. When applied to nutrition, this nano process involves physically altering a hard-to-absorb nutrient so that it becomes more available to the body without altering its function.

The small LifePak nano packets are taken with morning and evening meals

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