Hammer Head

Sparring is undoubtedly the best type of training you can do to hone your striking skills. However, some commonly used self-defense techniques such as: and elbows to the face, eye strikes, ear slaps, and chin jabs can't be employed due to obvious reasons. The alternative way to practice these techniques is to use mitts, but mitts don't have the right feel and there's nothing to focus on.

Coming to the rescue is Hammer Head, a realistic plastic head with eyes, ear and nose and can be held by a training partner from the rear with a handle. The hand is inserted into the head eliminating any strikes hitting the hand.

Unlike mitts, this product gives you realistic feedback similar to a head, but a little bit softer. In addition you can employ full-contact strikes without any danger to your training partner.

The head is made of a flexible high-density foam-like material that gives slightly when you strike it. It also makes the training sessions more fun. This is a great training tool for anyone involved in self-defense.

For price and shipping information contact: wr@realfighting.com

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