Restraint Maneuvers with Marcos Soares

Marcus Soares was one of Realfighting's first stories, in issue #1, nearly three years ago. He has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for thirty-three years and is considered one of the best instructors from Carlson Gracie’s team. He now heads his own team in Vancouver, BC and has his own stable of champions.

There are times when you just can't strike an unruly person or potential attacker; especially if you work in a club. For this issue Marcus shares some of his restraining techniques.

Technique #1 - (Below)
1. Marcus blocks a punch
2. He underhooks his opponent and goes to his rear
3. Pulling his opponent back, he prepares a choke with his left arm
4. He retracts his right arm to complete a rear-naked choke

Technique #2 - (Below)

1. Marcus is confronted by opponent
2. He senses trouble & moves to close the gap and grabs opponent's wrist
3. He feeds his left arm behind opponent's back & grabs opponent's left arm with it: Note thumb is pointing down.
4. Opponent's right arm is still around his neck as Marcus pulls his left arm close (palm-to-palm) to effect a double-arm lock.
5. While opponents is held, Marcus strikes with his knee

Technique #3 - (Below)

1. Marcus is approached and senses an attack
2. He grabs opponen'ts right arm and moves to his rear
3. Marcus wraps his arm around opponent's arm (over-under)
3b. Note: He grabs back of opponen't pants with his hand.
4. Marcus underhooks opponent's left arm for control

Technique #4 - (Below)

1. Marcus feels his opponent will attempt a single-leg takedown
2. As opponent comes in he takes a step back and posts his palms on opponent's shoulders
3. Marcus applies guillotine choke

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