We Teach Self-Defense Skills That Work

The Realfighting program teaches reality self-defense as a streamlined set of concepts and skills that anyone can use to deal with a wide spectrum of situations; from the smallest of daily intrusions right up to dealing with and winning a dangerous physical attack. Unlike sports fighting and traditional martial arts, it doesn’t take years to learn – merely a few months!

Our client’s include corporations, law enforcement, military personnel, government agencies, and civilians. The Realfighting program is taught globally in a seminar-based forum and the program is available at 4-levels. Students can select any courses as long as they meet basic qualification requirements. We also offer instructor training at 4-levels.

In addition to seminars we offer a suite of mini-courses for people who prefer to specialize in a particular subject matter. In New York we offer private lessons and a general class.

Pre-Conflict Phase

Situational & environmental awareness, how to be a hard target, avoidance, detecting pre-incident indicators, making a plan, ready positions, reading non-verbal presentations, mimicking, maintaining verbal boundaries, dealing with the interview, deescalation, physical boundaries, distancing codes, the activity zone, angular distancing, and using the force continuum.

Conflict Phase
This is the physical component of the fight. You learn neutralization and escape concepts and strategies. The goal is not to engage in a full drawn-out fight but to win and quickly leave, or restrain the attacker (depending on what’s needed at the time). Preemptive attacks, striking, fighting from the clinch, ground escapes, weapon defenses, immobilizing the attacker.

Post-Conflict Phase
Self-triage, planning your story, leaving the scene, staying at the scene, pretense of injuries, speaking with law enforcement, selecting an attorney, what to say and not say in court.

Main Program

  1. Pre-conflict & post conflict strategies 
  2. General program: Level I – Level IV
    • Unarmed defense
    • Weapons defense
  3. Sampling of courses & mini-courses: consist of defense & applications
    • situational defense, unarmed
    • situational defense, weapons
    • punching
    • kicking
    • pushing
    • grabbing/pulling
    • chokes/headlock
    • body-lock, body-holds, tackles
    • single & double-leg takedown
    • jointlock series
    • wrestling for the street
    • the clinch
    • restraining individuals
    • groundwork for the street
    • edged weapons / close quarter
    • edged weapons / from distance
    • knife-to-knife
    • improvised weapons
    • dealing with handguns
    • dealing with long guns
    • aerosol irritants
    • kid defense
    • seniors defense
    • defense against pro-fighters

For more information call: 212-255-1040