Realfighting Seminars

The Realfighting Program is offered primarily through seminars, and covers the entire spectrum of the RF program. Our most popular offerings are in the following areas: 1) Knife & Counter-Knife, 2) Impact Weapons Defense, 3) gun disarms, 4) Grey-Area Defense, 5) Lethal Defense.

Knife & Counter Knife
1) Our knife/counter knife consists of several key components, they include: Knife-on-body attacks, knife attacks from a set distance, hostage type scenarios, knife against knife defense, improvised weapons against a knife, and knife disarms. Client's usually choose a combination of these offerings depending on the time frame. We also offer long knife training which is a bit different than working with a small knife.

Impact Weapon Defense
2) Impact weapons defense involves the use of sticks, clubs and pipes from single to multiple attacker scenarios. These types of attacks are for the most part not covered by most schools and cause a great number of injuries and fatalities throughout the world.

Gun Disarms
3) Our gun disarm program covers handgun and long-gun defenses and disarms from a variety of positions.

Grey-Area Defense
4) This is usually less than lethal, and rather unique to the self-defense community, and not many organizations teach these skills. The premise is that as a civilian, police officer or security agent, you just can't go around causing great bodily harm to anyone who bumps into you or insults you, you may get arrested yourself. These courses are especially popular with executive protection and door-security responsibilities.

Lethal Threats
5) Lethal engagements for most people are rare but they do occur. Although many potentially lethal attacks occur with weapons, some can happen when an individual is overpowered by a much larger and/or powerful individual. You need to know how to stop someone in their tracks ASAP.

We regularly hold seminars throughout Asia, Canada and the United States.
For information contact us here through the site or in the USA call 212-255-1040