Realfighting Knife Training Program

The problem with knife defense training today is that very few programs offer, or are even capable of offering an effective program designed to save your life. And I'm including many Filipino and Indonesian styes, which are generally much more effective than the other programs out there.

Much of knife-fighting training being offered is of the macho variety, that is, standing toe-to-toe with an attacker and hopefully your superior techniques will prevail. Well, what do you think your knife-wielding attacker is doing while you are so expertly cutting him? Attacking someone with a knife is easy, anyone can do it, but defending yourself and walking away is quite another story.

The traditional martial arts approach we see in the movies so often, where the defender willingly takes on an attacker with a knife "unarmed" is utter nonsense and will certainly shorten your life-span. The days of false heroics are over. When confronted with a knife you should either run, or pick up a shield or weapon, or all three. Most knife attacks happen at lighting speed and practicing stick fighting will not prepare you for the cold relaities of a sudden knife attack.   

We offer a comprehensive knife defense program that in my opinion, is far above and beyond what's generally available nowadays. Inasmuch as knife defense is mainly an add-on for most schools, the Realfighting program was designed from the start to be knife-centric. That is, our training emphasizes awareness, defense, countering and escaping from sudden knife assaults. Our program includes the following topics:

Knife Courses we offer

- Knife/weapons awareness
- Escaping from a knife attack
- Knife disarms
- Knife-on-body defense
- Knife attacks from a distance
- Knife-to-knife defense
- Improvised weapons against knife

Our knife program is an amalgam of influences derived from James Keating, Raymond Floro, principles of Western Fencing, and the combined experiences of our instructors. We don't say that our program will guarantee success in an edged weapons conflict, we are saying, that you will have a much better chance surviving it using our methods.

More about knife training
Years ago I noticed that weapons defense training vis-a-vis the traditional martial arts route was wholly ineffective, not to mention unrealistic. In addition, if knife and gun defense was taught at all, it was usually taught to advanced students only -- just the opposite of what should occur; the majority of violent assaults happen with weapons. 

Knife attacks during martial arts training have always been presented in a static fashion and gun defenses were laughable. I looked at what government agencies were doing such as the FBI, CIA, DIA, and NSA but they get most of their tactics from the military. I looked at what the military was doing and was shocked to learn they teach some of the worst knife defenses.

Why is this? It's because soldiers shoot automatic weapons, they rarely fight hand-to-hand. Battles today are fought with air-power, bombs, missiles and armored vehicles. They don't need to fight hand-to-hand, therefore the training does not emphasize it. But there is a paradox. The mini H-2-H programs the military does offer are antiquated and inefficient. Much of it relies on out-of-date turn of the (20th) century techniques.

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