Realfighting Classes

The Realfighting program is taught primarily through seminars and private lessons, however we do offer one class per week in New York City for those who are unable to pursue private instruction and seminars.

Benefits of Realfighting Classes
Many organizations offer 1-day classes on specific defense topics without a means to follow-up. Inasmuch as some of these 1-day events may offer good material, realistically speaking, (like anything else in life), you need more than one day to become proficient in anything. It doesn't take years to learn to defend yourself, but it does take several months to be able to use the material at a moments notice. We offer a wide variety of follow-up classes and seminars so even part-time students can make functional progress.
Martial Arts is Not Self-Defense 
We don't teach martial arts, martial arts is something you do WITH someone, reality-based training is something you do TO someone. We teach defensive concepts and techniques that you are likely to use in an encounter in a typical urban environment. Therefore we don't teach you how to do forms, we don't practice in uniforms, we don't preach a philosophy or way of life; just useful, effective and practical tools for self-protection. That is, how to nullify an attack and escape to safety.
The Realfighting Self-Defense Program 
The Realfighting program is a compact and stremlined blend of reality-based defense, combatives, mixed martial arts and counter weapons tactics. We teach several topics in each class in a rotating program which includes:
- Knife defense & counters
- Gun disarms & counters
- Impact weapon defense
- Standing clinch foundation 
- Ground escapes and counters
- Escapes from grabs & holds
- Initiating preemptive attacks
- Awareness, avoidance and deescalation
- Specific women's and children's defense 
How We Teach Self-Defense 
Our instruction is based on introducing core concepts that have a direct relevance to what may happen to you on the street. First we teach the concepts and techniques, then we drill the techniques slowly and eventually speed them up. Finally we engage students in stressful and realistic combat simulations or scenarios using those techniaues. Our scenarios are based on violent events that have actually occurred in real life. This helps you train your motor memory, not muscle memory (there is no such thing) to respond to an actual attack.
A key differentiator of our classes is that we teach you how to defend yourself from weapons, i.e. guns, knives and impact weapons from day one. This is the way most people are attacked.
For more class information call: 212-255-1040