RealFighting presents Reality Training for the Street
Saturday May 24th from 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM / Price $75
At KB-ONE: 110 Garden & First Ave, North Vancouver, BC
Call: 604-984-0947 /


Inasmuch as sport fighting is recognized today as producing superior fight skills to traditional martial arts, there is still a huge difference between boxing, muaythai or MMA in a ring vs. a real-life violent confrontation.

Real-life Violent Confrontations:
1. Can result in you being seriously injured or even killed
2. Punching an attacker’s head with a fist can break your hand
3. Don’t always require full-out attacks, restraining is an option
4. Can get you jailed if you cause serious injuries to an attacker
5. Often employ weapons such as knives, pipes and handguns
6. Can consist of multiple attackers, this requires special study
Training for a Street Confrontation Requires that You:
1. Develop awareness and avoidance strategies
2. Know how to prepare, position yourself & make a plan
3. Watch for weapons & know how to nullify and counter them
4. Not stay and fight, but rather escape to safety as soon as possible
5. Be familiar with and use of the ladder of force to keep you out of jail
6. Use a preemptive attack and follow-up, this is the only way to win
Many assaults are ambushes, criminals expect you to be startled and freeze.
Although you don’t need to know many techniques, you should at least be familiar with counters to the most common situational attacks that are used today -- and these are usually not taught!
You will learn Escapes & Counters to:
1. Wrist & arm grabs
2. Body & neck grabs: bear hugs & headlocks
3. Shoving & pushing: single/double shoulder pushes
4. Single & double lapel collar grabs (with & w/o punches)
5. Chokes: standing chokes, guillotines, hand chokes
6. Sucker punches with pull-backs & grabbing
7. Knife-on-body assaults
8. Machete, club & bat attacks
9. Basic handgun disarms
Basic Counter Techniques will Include:
1. Hand techniques: eye jabs, chin jabs, open-hand punches
2. Pull-downs (collar ties), assorted restraining tactics
3. Applying various standing chokes & guillotines
4. Elbow & knee strikes in various positions
5. Single & double leg take-downs