RBD Conditioning: Mark Diaz Introduction: Minimum Strength and Conditioning? I dislike minimum guidelines. The whole idea is antithetical to my existence. I am in the business of maximum health, maximum performance, maximum strength, maximum speed, maximum conditioning,1 rep maximums - maximum, Maximum ...more
Exercise Science: Brian D. Johnston Arthur Jones is the most influential figure in exercise science, and has been for over twenty-five years. The magnitude of ridicule and concept stealing he has endured should attest to that fact. His discoveries and contributions have finally made it possible to prescribe meaningful exercise and ...more
Cross Training: Covert Bailey Doing one aerobic exercise will get you fit, but doing two will get you fit FASTER - and with less chance of injury. Remember, INTENSITY increases fitness fastest. If you just did one exercise you'd have to work harder and harder to get improved results. ...more
The Aerobic Myth: Roger Schwab
Russian Kettlebell Mystique: ????
Aging Athlete: William G. Raasch
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